About the Artist

I am an Anglican priest, who after retiring from parish ministry, now lives in  Grindleford, Derbyshire, where I have time to explore my life-long interests in art, design, printmaking, prayer and spirituality, and also accompany others in their spiritual jouneys.

On leaving school I went to Kingston College of Art in Surrey where I specialised in graphic design, then soon after, went on to study theology, then education, in London.

In 1974, I moved to Suffolk where I taught religious studies and some art in a large comprehensive school, before training for the Anglican ministry in Nottingham. I was ordained in 1981.  Whilst serving as a parish priest in Beeston and Wilford Hill, Nottingham, I developed an interest in black & white photography which led to two exhibitions in 1984.

Then l went on to explore art therapy and began to paint, mainly with acrylics, becoming aware of a contemplative and healing dimension to the process, especially when intuitively exploring my life-long love of abstract art.

Since retiring in 2008 I have had time to attend courses on art and relief printmaking, visit more galleries, begin to exhibit, and discover more ways of being visually creative.and reflective. The interface with contemplative prayer, self-discovery and spiritual pilgrimage is significant for me. Whilst this can be immensely helpful and fulfilling, it can, at times, be a considerable struggle!.